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Powder Coat Care

  Powder coat is extremely durable, weather resistant and hydrophobic (water repellant) however proper care will ensure your coating will last for years to come.  While […]

Powder Coat vs Liquid Paints

Paint is applied in various ways, two of the most common being powder versus liquid.  Before we get into the differences, what is powder coating?  Powder […]

Powder Coating: Finishes

Powder coat is truly amazing.  It is extremely durable, lasting years and years, it’s weatherproof and it is much more environmentally friendly compared to liquid paints.  […]

Powder Coating Rims: What You Need to Know to Save

Powder coat is an amazing solution for refinishing your rims.  Getting a fresh coat of powder paint restores them to brilliance and can customize your vehicle’s […]

Powder Coating Calipers: What you Need to Know to Save

At Rice Rocket, we try to make your life as easy as possible, so we offer services that are convenient for you.  Unbeknownst to many, the process […]