Caliper Refinishing

Powder coated calipers look great, feel great and last for years compared to sprayed liquid paints.  The process is not as simple but our service will be as convenient and mess free for you as possible.  Don’t waste your time on spray painting calipers.  Trust us when we say we’ve seen the unfortunate outcome (and heartbreak) to come from taking this route.

Services we provide:

Caliper refurbishing (complete disassemble & reassemble and reconditioning of used parts)

Caliper rebuilds (complete disassemble & reassemble and rebuild with all new hardware & parts)

Caliper coating – we carry 7000 custom color choices in house in the form of physical samples for your visual and tactile experience.

Things you need to know about this process:  

1) The calipers must be removed from the vehicle.  If anyone promises you they will re-coat your calipers but they are done while still on the vehicle, this is likely just a liquid paint (spray paint or auto paint).  These spray painted finishes will likely alter in colour vibrancy and only last 1 month before flaking off, causing many people grief.  Contact us for a quote to leave your vehicle with us. 

2) Calipers must be taken apart.  The powder coat process involves baking the part in an oven at 400 degrees F therefore rubber seals inside the calipers that ensure your brake fluid doesn’t leak must be removed or they will be damaged.  We take care of all these steps for you. We take it apart, re-coat them to your liking and then put them back together.  

Send us an email with a photo of your calipers for an accurate quote and a fast response.  We look forward to working with you on your next powder coating project.