Industrial Coatings

We work with metal fabricators & clients who require metal refinishing for all types of industrial needs including thin film application.  Batch production is the perfect process for clients looking for quality/high attention to detail coatings at a fair price. Using interior & exterior quality powder coatings, we operate a gas powered batch oven for parts up to 117″ long x 7 ft wide x 7 ft tall.

Industries we serve and but not limited to are:

Architecture/Construction – working with designers & contractors for custom powder coated kitchen & bathroom fixtures, powder coated fencing, staircases, windowsills/frames, doorframes, light fixtures, tables & other custom metal furniture, display cases, etc.

Food – we use food safe powder coat for kitchen appliances & equipment

Transportation – bicycles, motorcycles, mini bikes, go karts, car parts & other vehicles

Military – gun parts & impact cases

Warehousing – industrial racking

For your industrial powder coating needs please contact us via email.  Please attach any parts drawings if you have them.  Thank you and we look forward to doing business with you.