Sandblasting & Chemical Paint Stripping

We sandblast & paint strip in-house.  It saves you and us time because we do not rely on a third party (exceptions apply for parts that too large for our capacity).  It’s important to remove the existing coating on your part before applying a new one.  This ensures that your new coating will last for as long as possible.  Reasons why this is true:

A) Your existing coating may be old & brittle.  If the coating is very old and nearing the end of its life, putting a new coating over it may cause it to crack prematurely.

B) The finish will not be as beautiful.  Imperfections in the original coating may be magnified in the new one, and new imperfections that arise from reheating the old coating may cause bubbles and cracks to form.  Over time the coating may also fade & change color.

C) Applying a new coating over an existing one will not be as tough.  Powder coat uses electricity to adhere to the part.  For the best adhesion the part should be bare metal and additionally have a surface texture so the coating has something to grab onto.  Blasting is not 100% necessary in all circumstances. Time and price point are a big factor because blasting is an extra step that requires human labor & powered equipment.  We use it mostly for removing rust and for custom parts that need that extra durability.


We use aluminum oxide only and our maximum size capacity is 60″ x 60.”

Chemical Paint Stripping

We have an in-house strip tank that can accommodate up to 6 wheels at once or 96″ x 25″ max.

For your sandblasting, chemical stripping and powder coating needs please contact us via email.  Please attach any parts drawings if you have them.  Thank you and we look forward to doing business with you.